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In two: organics, 80’s, indie, alternative music (NIN, the cure, the smiths, arcade fire), collecting antiques, red wine, life extension, strong coffee, traveling, photography, bollywood flicks and documentary movies, Indian food, I have a 3 legged snowshoe cat – I love cats.

Turn Offs: rude people, mean people, people who aren't nice… people who don't like animals…

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Solar Thermal Energy Infographic


 Which one is More Dangerous: Driving Drunk or Texting While Driving?

Statistics show TEXTING is far more dangerous. In fact, if you text while driving you are SIX TIMES (think 600%) more likely to cause an accident than a drunk driver. You are also 23% more likely to cause an accident than a non-distracted driver.

Put the cell phone down… it’s not that important.

…all dressed up

…all dressed up

… Bear Confusion Sets In

… Bear Confusion Sets In

… i want this little guy

… ToMoMi has 23 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) which allows research teams to explore human machine interaction.

Flea and Friends dancing to Warpaint, Big Sur 

Warpaint - Burgundy 

Video: Warpaint, “Elephants”

Warpaint - ‘Billie Holiday 

Love Warpaint!